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Businesses that ‘go digital’ tend to be early adopters – those willing to drive a step change within their organisations and reinvent themselves, right to the core. And that rings true of the team we employ too.

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AI and Ethics

Adoption of AI, albeit slow, will increase over the coming years. With the introduction of AI into the Enterprise, several ethical questions and concerns arise.

Practical questions such as “How do we ensure AI is applied responsibly?”, “Just because we can deploy AI, should we?”, to philosophical ones like “What place do we want AI to have in our society?” should be debated openly and transparently.

Join 6point6 and InstaDeep for the second of our four-part event series where we will highlight the importance of ethics in the context of AI and debate the for and against.

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Home Office

New technology is transforming the way immigration services are delivered; making it faster and easier for members of the public to apply for visas and for Home Office staff to make millions of decisions each year.

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