Data services

Data services

Extracting maximum value from data

Transform your business Keep data secure

Driving your data innovation

Data can be used strategically, extracting real value through analytics and machine learning, to improve user experience, lower costs, and accelerate work.

We enable a data-driven culture within your organisation by linking your technology and business processes to create a pipeline of trusted data.

You may be looking to use data to develop new products, improve existing services, or to inform your ongoing strategy development. We start with the data you already have, taking the time to understand which insights would be beneficial to your organisation.

Our data scientists create a clear data strategy and iterate the technology needed to automate a pipeline of trusted data across a digital supply chain.

Where we have done this before


Our aim is always to deliver a tailored data strategy that adds real value to your organisation.

Within complexity, we solve the real problem by understanding how your data and processes are used to deliver insights within your organisation.

Through this understanding, our data team can design a comprehensive data strategy and create data infrastructure that will support you well into the future – and at a much lower cost.

"Our work is the culmination of years of planning to transform our client’s businesses for the digital age, enabling our users to access centuries of content in seconds."

Andrew Morgan Director of Data, 6point6
Data points

Trusted critical data infrastructure

We secure your transformation by building trusted critical data infrastructure and adding more data points through regular customer interactions allowing you to make better decisions, faster.

Once we have developed an in-depth understanding of your organisation, customers, market and current data infrastructure, we can design around the complexity to make it easy to extract value from data.

To embed this new data-driven culture, we develop an automated data engine that is simple to use, ensures the quality and security of data, and makes that trusted data accessible across your organisation.

Capabilities that scale with your business

Data platform

To provide valuable insights and predictions, we refine raw data through a core set of technologies that we seamlessly combine to form your data platform. This platform also provides the infrastructure to run data analytics in the cloud, scaling to meet changes in demand overtime at a highly compelling price point.

Data sources

By assessing your data sources and developing a data strategy, we improve its reliability and integrity, improving decision-making while reducing risk.

Data management

By enabling automation along the data supply chain, we ensure that you can develop insights, enable deep learning, and grow your data touchpoints at scale while keeping data management cost-effective.

Data science

By using data visualisation tools, we quickly turn raw data into useful insights that provide immediate value. With clear visualisation of data, your team can begin to put analysis at the heart of every interaction across your organisation.

Data governance

We work closely with your teams to embed best practices and develop internal capabilities to manage data strategy and a truly data-driven culture.

Customer data

Rather than gathering and hiding customer data, we uncover ways to involve customers in the data journey. By providing customers with useful insights into their own data, we enable more cloud-based self-services, develop customer trust and provide value-added services.

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