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From vision to success

Bespoke software engineering opens your organisation to deliver customer demands and reduce your time-to-market while cutting inefficiencies, complexity and waste from your processes.

We build partnerships that last by understanding the overall vision of the organisation, the processes and people involved and build the right technology for the job. Our expert strategy and design team make sure you are prepared for the journey and pack the right tools.

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Discovery and assessment

By focusing on the people using your technology, we discover real problems and challenges faced by your end-users, iterating a solution that is secure by design.

To gain a broad picture of your organisation, market and clients, our team of expert consultants usually starts with an assessment of your legacy systems, applying modernisation techniques to re-engineer them for purpose.

Sometimes we start with a proof of concept, giving you the opportunity to actually experience what the app might look like. You can then assess the solution against your organisation’s needs and make an informed decision.

Our multidisciplinary team designs and engineers bespoke software that is seamlessly connected, provides real value and delivers amazing user experience.


User-centred design

Technology is about what your clients need. By focusing on the user experience, we discover ways to connect and elevate technology by building it right with bespoke engineering to add value at every level of your organisation.

Our enterprise architects look at the challenges and goals, to ensure your bespoke solution integrates with your existing technologies by remaining tech agnostic. Once we have delivered your bespoke software, we continue to test, improve and deploy updates to ensure services are always delivering client value with our DevOps best practices.

"Now is the time for change. Decision-makers must push back against reluctant or fearful boards and demonstrate the myriad of wider benefits of a custom-built solution in order to transition towards being a technology-first company building a firm foundation for future innovation."

Chris Porter Chief Corporate Development Officer (CCDO), 6point6
End of off-the shelf

Capabilities that scale with your business

1. Assessment

Our expert consultants conduct an assessment of your legacy systems, finding ways to modernise your business-critical infrastructure through new technology and processes.

2. Proof of concept

Sometimes we start by developing a ‘slice’ of the solution using our unique 6point6 standards to rapidly give you a sense of what it will look like, how it will work and help you make an informed decision about whether or not to continue.

3. Bespoke system development

By embedding part or all of our team within your organisation, we augment your current capabilities and work to drive meaningful change from the inside out.

4. Secure by design

We don’t see cyber security as an add-on service but rather something we build into every level of every solution we develop to secure your transformation.

5. Ongoing support and DevOps

Whether your software was built internally, by a third-party, or by us, we won’t leave you hanging. We help manage and optimise your software for the best results, upskilling your team using best practices. By taking a continuous improvement / continuous deployment (CI/CD) approach, we embed DevOps into your organisation to ensure solutions continue to benefit users and add organisational value on an ongoing basis.


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