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Cyber security capability

Continually working to identify and manage cyber security risks to secure your transformation.

Uncovering future threats

Cyber security both responds to what has happened and anticipates what may happen in the future. By bringing together our Cyber Lab and Incident Response teams, our team provides an intelligence-led approach that prepares you for potential attacks, and quickly responds to incidents that might occur. 

Our in-depth knowledge working for intelligence agencies allows us to proactively expose cyber threats and mitigate the risk of attack for critical infrastructure across the public and private sectors.

"HMCTS now has a technical architecture team, supported by 6point6, a specialist cyber security consultancy, to manage the technical risks and issues associated with our systems and applications and establish improved processes and procedures in support of the transition to becoming a fully digital business."

HM Courts & Tribunals Service Annual Report and Accounts
Securing digital services

Seven security areas

1. Cyber research and development lab

Our Cyber Lab provides innovative reporting on industry highlights and investigative pieces. We work with industry leaders to uncover the security landscape uniquely, leading our approach to security and providing our network with quality expertise.

2. Security architecture

Security architecture enables an organisation to protect data, communication, and customers through consistent design of security controls. Our Security Architects use their experience to work in line with NCSC guidance and best-practice design patterns to ensure robust, well-designed solutions. With expertise in threat modelling and maturity assessments, we help you to prioritise controls to manage risk.

3. Cyber strategy

With our cross-sector experience and a keen understanding of current and future cyber trends, we help companies create and implement robust security strategies.

4. Cyber security assurance

Assurance is the base of cyber. We build the blocks of policy and procedure alongside efficient risk management to ensure a structurally sound, repeatable cyber practice. Be secure in knowing that you will have robust documentation and processes in compliance with regulatory and certification requirements.

5. Red teaming

Our red team use their experience and expertise to enter a network to escalate, assess the level of exploitation possible within an environment, and provide a comprehensive assessment of operational weaknesses to implement robust controls. Our experts ensure you receive concise end-to-end penetration testing to investigate and remediate technical vulnerabilities.

6. Blue teaming

Our blue team analyse information systems to locate security vulnerabilities, test the effectiveness of controls, and assurance that measures will provide continual security defence. We use the latest intelligence and tooling to analyse information systems to ensure effective incident detection and response.

7. Security engineering

Our security engineers are experts in designing, configuring, and building solutions to mitigate or prevent risks to organisations using modern cloud platforms, applications, or infrastructure. Working closely with cyber security and security architecture, we ensure solutions designed are built and maintained to specification.

Our certifications


  • ISO/IEC 27001:2017

  • ISO 9001

  • Cyber Essentials Plus

Penetration Testing

It’s impossible to really know how secure your organisation is from a cyber attack until after it’s happened. Our expert penetration testing team take a flexible approach to find and exploit key vulnerabilities, reducing risk while preparing your team for the worst.

Incident Response Management

Extend your Security Operations Centre (SOC) with our threat intelligence-led incident response management team available on-demand. We build and develop capabilities that allow you to quickly respond to security incidents with minimal disruption.

Cyber lab

Being proactive with cyber security means discovering future threats before they happen. Our Cyber Lab uses research to uncover potential vulnerabilities and malware, providing expert cyber security intelligence and mitigating your risk.

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