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With smarter use of the data now available, underwriters can achieve better outcomes, drive commercial success and grow their profile.

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It’s time for CUOs to take a strategic lead

Chief Underwriting Officers (CUOs) are best placed to shape the future face of underwriting. Now is the time to take on a more strategic role, leading applied technology and data to drive decision-making.

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You can unlock the opportunities of data-enabled underwriting

With a strong data strategy in place, underwriting can successfully harness business automation and data platforms to integrate and enhance data. Operationalising insights can then drive more precision and profitability in underwriting.

"Underwriters should drive the demand for data gathering, and play a design role in how data should be used. They should also ensure that digital strategies are properly focused on current and evolving risk."

Dan Budden Head of Data Consulting, 6point6
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But how data-enabled are your underwriters?

Take this data enablement maturity assessment and get detailed results, broken down into the four key areas where data makes a difference to underwriting.

Being more efficient

Is data helping you deliver faster and more cost-effective underwriting?

Making better decisions

Are you enabling data and analytics at the point of decision-making?

Understanding the world of risk

Have you mapped the global risk landscape to spot pitfalls and opportunities?

Improving customers’ lives

Are you harnessing data to help deliver a higher-quality customer experience?

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Women excelling in data

It’s your time! Changing the data landscape.

The Evolved Chief

The Evolved Chief Underwriting Officer: How CUOs Are Raising Their Profiles

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We connect cloud, data and cyber to engineer and deliver targeted projects or large-scale, complex transformations. We helped the LMA develop a new digital vision of delegated authority. What could we help you achieve?

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