Strategy and design

Strategy and design

Creating brilliant experiences together

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Uncovering, owning and solving business problems

We are passionate about solving business problems through carefully considered strategy and design. It’s all about adding value for your clients by making sure everything works now and in the future.

Our multi-disciplinary team works collaboratively with you to uncover key themes across your organisation and client base.


We solve your challenges by listening and adapting to your organisation, working with you to draw a picture of your business needs.

At the end of the process, you gain an in-depth plan for the short, medium and long-term that defines a clear vision and details a change process to successfully secure your transformation.

Why a discovery?

"Having a true expert by your side at the planning stage is critical but a partner’s real worth is tested when it comes to execution. 6point6 has blasted through with flying colours."

Mark Heath Founder, Open Borders Direct

Designing optimised business processes

We accelerate your proposition with a mixture of brand, product design, strategy and market thinking to turn ideas into reality.

Our aim is to completely revolutionise your organisation from front-to-back, putting user experience at the centre.

With a clear strategy for success, we design and build an MVP as the first step, bringing your idea to life and engage your stakeholders in your vision.

We then improve the solution through comprehensive user-testing in the marketplace, rapidly developing a market-ready solution that will accelerate time-to-market.

Our principles

1.  Evidence based

We define solutions and align stakeholders based on evidence gained through our discovery process, research and extensive market experience.

2. User-Centric

To deliver real value, we design and develop solutions around the needs and experience of your users.

3. Fail fast, learn fast

Our rigorous target audience testing quickly uncovers issues with the strategy or design so we can iterate new and improved solutions.

4. Brand experience

Our strategy and design development keeps your brand experience at the forefront, enhancing the perception of your brand.

5. Market positioned

We take a strategic, research-led approach to managing change that accelerates your product launch and delivers market-leading outcomes.

6. Proven and tested

The ideas we pursue are grounded in evidence. We test these ideas and benchmark their success through thorough testing, regularly and iteratively.

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