Driving real business value with cloud services

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Engaging your people

Our expert cloud architects work with our engineering, data, security and DevOps teams to find the perfect balance for your organisation. We connect people, processes and technology to fulfil the needs of your end-users.


To successfully activate cloud enablement, we take an in-depth yet targeted approach to discovery. Rapidly digging deep into the complexity and engages stakeholders across your organisation to form a well-rounded perspective.

We explore, analyse and capture your business objectives, user journeys, business processes, and your technical landscape to determine the product and services impacted by the new requirements.

By connecting technology to business processes, we fulfil user needs and desires, driving efficiency and value while helping manage costs.


"Working with 6point6 is a true partnership. Their team had the motivation and drive necessary to help us achieve seamless integration, enabling us to reach a critical and ambitious milestone in transitioning all of our platforms into the cloud."

Mark Brincat Chief Technology Officer, SHL

The cloud journey

There are five ways to drive real business value from your cloud enablement and each needs to be perfectly in balance with the others. Our team will work with you to navigate the choices along this journey to generate real value and efficiency from your cloud enablement.

1. Cloud first

By thinking “cloud-first”, we will enable you to seamlessly add and improve cloud services over time so that you can more efficiently service new businesses, customers and acquisitions.

2. Elasticity

By dynamically managing resources to cope with demand, our cloud architects ensure the flexible and cost-effective delivery of your on-demand cloud services.

3. Data in the cloud

Our data scientists ensure that your cloud enablement delivers seamless data integration, reducing errors in manual deployments in configuring different components through data science and machine learning.

4. Cloud security

To reap the full benefits of cloud enablement, we make it secure by design by finding the right security posture, balancing risk against costs and designing security in at every stage. It’s how we secure your transformation.

5. Cloud engineering

By taking a wide view of your organisational needs both today and into the future, our cloud engineering team can develop a seamless solution that works today and works for tomorrow.

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Bringing together cloud architects with security thinking, we design and deliver cloud solutions with security inbuilt, designed in a rational way to deliver value today and into the future.


We embed data analysis into your cloud enablement to develop insight into how people are using your cloud-based services.

Platform operations

By creating a platform as part of your cloud architecture, we enable access with seamless integration to quickly, reliably and safely deploy code.


We take the time to understand your needs now as well as what would provide value in the future, bringing it all together into a bespoke solution, engineered for success and continually adding value.

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