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Secure digital transformation at the heart of the mission

Against a landscape of rapidly changing international priorities, we transform digital capabilities to deliver secure and resilient digital services that are adaptable to the complex and competitive nature of the strategic defence context.

Across the Front-Line Commands and Enabling Organisations, we bring together expertise in architecture, data, cyber, cloud engineering, DevSecOps and agile delivery to meet the increasing complex demands of defence organisations.

Exploiting information for decision advantage

As the volume of information available in the operational environment grows and the need to make decisions at greater tempo increases, it’s essential to be able to exploit data at every level of command.

Our team of data scientists and AI/ML experts work alongside you to make sense of disparate information and intelligence sources. We build data exploitation platforms to fuse sources, find hidden connections, build predictive and statistical models, develop visualisations, and automatically interpret imagery. Our experience allows us to reduce the cognitive burden of operators while increasing data accuracy, integrity, and provenance to accelerate decision-making cycles.

Supporting our armed forces

We are proud to support our armed forces and have a number of veterans and reservists among our staff who provide front-line experience and insight.

We are an active member of the ADS Group with representation on the Security Sector Board, the Defence SME working group and are an ADS industry representative at the UK’s Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community (RISC) which serves as the principal channel of communication between the UK security and resilience industry, the Homeland Security Group (HSG) within the Home Office, and other government departments and agencies on security-related requirements and policy issues.

Facing the cyber challenge

Information is both an enabler and an effector. As advantage is increasingly established through the exploitation of data, there is a growing imperative to protect this key asset from malicious attacks by the nation’s adversaries.

We bring our experience of secure-by-design solutions and our expertise in defensive cyber operations to holistically address cyber security risk in the contested data-centric environment. Our experience of red teaming and penetration testing, along with our cyber research lab and its links to NCSC-accredited academic institutions, ensure we remain at the forefront of understanding and addressing the threats facing the UK.

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Ensuring evergreen interoperability by design

Integration and interoperability are at the heart of information and decision advantage.

Our architects have extensive experience of designing for integration and interoperability from the outset. Our solutions are designed to meet your scalability and performance needs now and for the future, adapting and evolving as changing priorities demand. We leverage open standards to ensure that interfaces and data support long-term sustainability and supportability, ensuring our solutions remain evergreen and avoid future technical debt.

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Delivering cloud scale with agility

We help defence organisations build flexible and scalable systems that enable continuous development, integration and deployment through agile and iterative delivery. This means that we deliver value early and incrementally. Our rigorous approach to user-centred design and the development of future-proofed architectures means that we confidently engineer, deploy and manage solutions that adapt to ever-changing defence priorities.

Ready to go: find us on government procurement frameworks

You can procure our services through the major government procurement frameworks, reflecting our proven track record of delivery and commitment to the public sector.

Digital Marketplace

Digital Marketplace

We can be found through Digital Marketplace for our services across the G-Cloud framework and the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.



We have a wide range of cloud technology and delivery services from discovery assessments to larger scale architecture, cyber, data, UX and engineering services.

Digital Outcomes & Specialists and Digital Programmes & Specialists

Digital Outcomes & Specialists and Digital Programmes & Specialists

We can provide teams to build and support the digital transformation of public services and can provide solutions to fixed outcomes using the full range of DDaT skills.

Technology Services 3

Technology Services 3

For technology services ranging from strategy and design to operational deployment.

Cyber Security Services 3

Cyber Security Services 3

A flexible commercial agreement that offers an extensive range of cyber security services to help improve cyber resilience.

Management Consultancy Framework 3 (MCF3)

Management Consultancy Framework 3 (MCF3)

Access to management consultancy, including business, strategy and policy.



Defence Science and Technology Laboratory's (Dstl) marketplace for science and technology (S&T) research.



Ofgem’s digital, data and technology procurement system.

Digital Resource Pool Framework

Digital Resource Pool Framework

Ofgem’s procurement system for strategic digital resourcing partners.

Accredited processes and controls

  • Cyber Essentials Plus

    Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Check

  • ISO27001

  • ISO9001


  • National Cyber Security Centre

    National Cyber Security Centre
  • AWS advanced tier partner

    AWS advanced tier partner
  • Authority to Operate

    Authority to Operate
  • MS Gold

    MS Gold

Secure digital transformation at the heart of the mission

We work across the defence and security landscape to develop and deliver secure solutions that stand the test of time. We’ll dig deeper to modernise and secure your legacy systems to deliver accessible and effective mission critical services that are faster, better, more efficient and secure by design.

As we’re independent and tech-agnostic, we focus on your mission to provide the most appropriate solution for today and for the future.

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