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Secure digital transformation at the heart of the mission

Secure digital transformation at the heart of the mission

We help secure government departments, defence organisations and the defence industry transform their digital capabilities and modernise legacy systems to deliver accessible and effective services that are faster, better, more efficient and secure by design.

In an uncertain world, we help you stay ahead, maintaining the digital superiority that’s essential for you to focus on the mission, protect democracy and keep citizens safe.

From protecting critical infrastructure to building defence systems, we bring together expertise in architecture, data, cyber, engineering and delivery to ensure our security.

Navigating complexity

In these uncertain times few businesses are as critical as the business of defence and security.

Across Air, Land, Sea, Space and Cyber there is an unparalleled volume and variety of products, connections and data. There’s also a diverse user group, not to mention heightened cyber risks.

With huge complexity, comes massive opportunity. Done well, digital and data-driven solutions will transform how defence and security organisations achieve their missions.
When the security, safety and prosperity of the nation is in your hands you also need a partner with the experience of operating in cyber secure environments to support your digital transformation.

That’s why we provide the capability to connect and enhance your data for greater insight, digitise and secure your services to improve user experience, the architecture and engineering know-how. We help you move from legacy siloes to secure, flexible, scalable solutions that will last the distance.

Supporting our armed forces

We are proud to support our armed forces and have a number of veterans and reservists among our staff who provide front-line experience and insight.

We are an active member of the ADS Group with representation on the Security Sector Board, the Defence SME working group and are an ADS industry representative at the UK’s Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community (RISC) which serves as the principal channel of communication between the UK security and resilience industry, the Homeland Security Group (HSG) within the Home Office, and other government departments and agencies on security-related requirements and policy issues.

Accelerating cyber compliance

Expanding into new government or commercial markets inevitably brings new and unfamiliar regulatory requirements.

We’ll work with you to understand your business objectives, assess your level of compliance and turn potential barriers into opportunities. Our deep understanding and experience of compliance requirements in the UK and wider markets will accelerate your compliance journey. We can also help you understand and meet your data sovereignty obligations.

As well as providing the roadmap, we can also help implement the necessary systems and processes to comply with regulations and frameworks such as GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

This expertise has been key to us becoming the first and only European-based partner on the AWS Authority to Operate (ATO) programme, a network of consulting partners with deep expertise in solving security, privacy, and compliance requirements.

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Creating a secure and interoperable architecture

We’ll help you build flexible and scalable systems that enable you to connect, deploy and re-deploy faster.

Our approach is always to interrogate the brief so that we can set out and build an architecture that will serve your needs now and for the future, adapting and evolving as the mission demands. This ensures your infrastructure and solutions deliver scalability with performance. We also ensure effective separation of concerns as part of our secure-by-design approach to optimising the security and effectiveness of your digital and data-driven services. 

Our long-term view, backed up by actionable roadmaps, is combined with an agile and iterative approach to delivery. This means that we deliver value early and incrementally, ensuring you take the right steps for today and for the future.


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Make your data work harder and faster

We’ll ensure you truly understand your data so they provide maximum value and advantage in achieving mission-critical results.

We know that the volume of data generated across the defence and security landscape is unparalleled and that disconnected data sets hamper rather than enrich decision making.

We’ll put you back in control of your data with more effective data platforms, enhanced data quality and automated data pipelines to maximise insight and drive better decision-making, using ethical machine learning and AI where needed. We’ll help you make the connections in your data to reveal new and deeper insights to enable greater mission success.

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Leading cyber security

We’ll give you the confidence to protect your mission systems against risks that are yet to surface, as well as those that are already known.

Our cyber security architects and assurance teams ensure solutions are secure by design and comply with the regulations and frameworks. Our red team provides penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities before they’re exploited while our blue team will help you respond, mitigate the risk of further damage and recover your systems and data should an incident take place.

All of this is underpinned by our dedicated Cyber Lab which undertakes leading edge research to mitigate emerging threats by identifying and analysing trends and patterns in activity and developing new tools to protect against attacks.

Our cyber security expertise has been key to us becoming the first and only European-based partner on the AWS Authority to Operate (ATO) programme, a network of consulting partners with deep expertise in solving security, privacy, and compliance requirements.

We also work closely with the National Cyber Security Centre and are an accredited member of CREST.

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Building and delivering secure mission systems

Defence and security solutions are complex and have to work in demanding environments with demanding workloads where information and security are key.

Our rigorous approach to user-centred design, the development of future-proofed architectures and the application of agile delivery means that we can confidently engineer, deploy and manage solutions that work for all. We’re ready to support and help you achieve your mission.

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Ready to go: find us on government procurement frameworks

You can procure our services through the major government procurement frameworks, reflecting our proven track record of delivery and commitment to the public sector.

Digital Marketplace

We can be found through Digital Marketplace for our services across the G-Cloud framework and the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.


We have a wide range of cloud technology and delivery services from discovery assessments to larger scale architecture, cyber, data, UX and engineering services.

Digital Outcomes & Specialists and Digital Programmes & Specialists

We can provide teams to build and support the digital transformation of public services and can provide solutions to fixed outcomes using the full range of DDaT skills.

Technology Services 3

For technology services ranging from strategy and design to operational deployment.

Cyber Security Services 3

A flexible commercial agreement that offers an extensive range of cyber security services to help improve cyber resilience.

Management Consultancy Framework 3 (MCF3)

Access to management consultancy, including business, strategy and policy.


Defence Science and Technology Laboratory's (Dstl) marketplace for science and technology (S&T) research.


Ofgem’s digital, data and technology procurement system.

Digital Resource Pool Framework

Ofgem’s procurement system for strategic digital resourcing partners.

Accredited processes and controls

  • Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Check

  • ISO27001

  • ISO9001


  • National Cyber Security Centre

  • AWS advanced tier partner

  • Authority to Operate

  • MS Gold

Secure digital transformation at the heart of the mission

We work across the defence and security landscape to develop and deliver secure solutions that stand the test of time. We’ll dig deeper to modernise and secure your legacy systems to deliver accessible and effective mission critical services that are faster, better, more efficient and secure by design.

And because we’re independent and tech-agnostic, we focus on your mission to provide the most appropriate solution for today and for the future.

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