The LMA is daring to be different. Do you dare?

November 26, 2020

We’re helping the Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) radically shake up the insurance sector with Project DARE – delegated authority (DA) re-imagined.

The LMA represents its members’ interests to organisations, including governments, regulators, and the market’s central supporting body – the Corporation of Lloyd’s. And now they have recognised the need for things to be done differently by re-engaging the market and asking their members to have their voices heard in re-imagining the future of DA.

Radical shake up in the insurance sector

The typical approach to digital transformations has led to broken processes being refined – more systems and more data. This results in solutions that lack longevity, and that need to be continuously tweaked just to keep going.

But what we’re doing is different. We’ve taken a design-led and customer-first approach; not looking at technology, but at how we challenge the entire business model.

Designing the right vision

To help them re-imagine the future of DA, the LMA have appointed us to design it right. To kick the project off, we’ve built a website: for brokers, coverholders, and managing agents to share their ideas about what the future of DA can be like.

We’re carrying out landscape discovery research with the LMA by conducting a series of collaborative ‘innovation workshops.’ We adapted our approach to accommodate remote participation by creating a feedback loop for the research output.  The LMA have taken a progressive step by embracing user-centred design techniques that will engage the global DA community and change the way business is done.

The 6point6 methodology

We’ve helped the LMA to develop their vision to solve business problems and create long-standing market changes.

We’ve removed the frustrations with the current ways of working. From the user experience to A.I and data, we are front-to-back. We design for your clients, while delivering for your business. And this is what we’ve done for the LMA.

We make it our business to understand your business idea and then we solve the real problem. We’re not here to sell you an off-the-shelf product – we’ll work alongside you to make sure your solution is designed right and works for your clients and your business.

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