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Deliver better services today with a clear roadmap for tomorrow

Deliver better services today with a clear roadmap for tomorrow

We help central government departments transform their digital capabilities and modernise legacy systems to deliver accessible and effective services that are faster, better, more efficient and secure by design.

By balancing deep experience of central government with a commitment to delivering a tailored service, we bring extensive technology expertise to give you the confidence of knowing that your transformation programme is in safe hands.

Whether we’re devising strategy, architecting and designing systems or engineering services, we always focus on providing a secure, nimble and flexible solution that’s ready to scale and adapt to meet future needs.

We call it transformation secured.

No business is more complex than the business of government

Nowhere else do we find more products, more connections, or such a range of data. There’s also an exceptionally diverse user group, not to mention heightened cyber risks.

With huge complexity, comes massive opportunity. Done well, digital and data-driven solutions will transform how government departments serve citizens.

When the security, safety and prosperity of the nation is in your hands you also need a partner with the experience of operating in cyber secure environments to support your digital transformation.

That’s why we provide the capability to connect and enhance your data for greater insight, digitise and secure your services to improve user experience, the architecture and engineering know-how. We help you move from legacy siloes to secure, flexible, scalable solutions that will last the distance.

Create a future-proof architecture that’s robust and flexible

We understand that no government initiative exists in isolation. Services and policy statements connect and interact at national scale and in complex ways.

That’s why we always look beyond the brief to develop architectures that deliver the right outcomes for the challenge at hand, but that are also adaptable, to allow the solution to be evolved as the needs of the policies evolve. Of course, our solutions deliver critical national infrastructure that pair national-level scalability with the performance expected by individual users.

Our focus on planning and supporting complex transformation programmes is coupled with a focus on delivery. We take a long-term view backed up by actionable roadmaps and an agile and iterative approach to deliver value early and incrementally. We ensure you can take the right steps for today and for the future.

Turn data headaches into deeper insights

We help government departments make the switch from being data-constricted to being data-driven. We know that the demand for different policy initiatives and services can mean having to operate across departments with a myriad of different identifiers and disconnected data sets that hamper rather than enrich decision making.

We’ll put you back in control of your data with more effective data platforms, enhanced data quality and automated data pipelines. This will help maximise insight and drive better decision-making for you and your department.

We also understand that when you’re consistently under the gaze of public scrutiny, there can be no room for error. In the complex world of government, we’ll ensure you’re also able to maximise the benefits of AI and machine learning while still complying with the data ethics framework and compliance standards such as GDPR.

Leading cyber security

We’ll give you the confidence to protect the nation’s digital infrastructure against risks that are yet to surface, as well as those that are already known.

Our cyber security architects and assurance teams ensure solutions are secure by design and comply with the appropriate regulations and frameworks. Our red team provides penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities before they’re exploited while our blue team will help you respond, mitigate the risk of further damage and recover your systems and data should an incident take place.

All of this is underpinned by our dedicated Cyber Lab which undertakes leading edge research to mitigate emerging threats by identifying and analysing trends and patterns in activity and developing new tools to protect against attacks.

Our cyber security expertise was key to us becoming the first and only European-based partner on the AWS Authority to Operate (ATO) programme, a network of consulting partners with deep expertise in solving security, privacy, and compliance requirements.

We also work closely with the National Cyber Security Centre and are an accredited member of CREST.

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Build and deliver for every stakeholder

Government services are complex and the job of meeting the requirements of a diverse user community and a diverse group of internal stakeholders, from caseworkers to ministers, is not for the faint hearted. If meeting strategy, policy and operational needs all at the same time seems like an impossible task, we’re ready to support and help you deliver.

Our rigorous approach to user-centred design, the development of future-proofed architectures and the application of agile delivery means that we can confidently engineer, deploy and manage solutions that work for all.

Ready to go: find us on government procurement frameworks

You can procure our services through the major government procurement frameworks, reflecting our proven track record of delivery and commitment to the public sector.

Digital Marketplace

Digital Marketplace

We can be found through Digital Marketplace for our services across the G-Cloud framework and the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.



We have a wide range of cloud technology and delivery services from discovery assessments to larger scale architecture, cyber, data, UX and engineering services.

Digital Outcomes & Specialists and Digital Programmes & Specialists

Digital Outcomes & Specialists and Digital Programmes & Specialists

We can provide teams to build and support the digital transformation of public services and can provide solutions to fixed outcomes using the full range of DDaT skills.

Technology Services 3

Technology Services 3

For technology services ranging from strategy and design to operational deployment.

Cyber Security Services 3

Cyber Security Services 3

A flexible commercial agreement that offers an extensive range of cyber security services to help improve cyber resilience.

Management Consultancy Framework 3 (MCF3)

Management Consultancy Framework 3 (MCF3)

Access to management consultancy, including business, strategy and policy.



Defence Science and Technology Laboratory's (Dstl) marketplace for science and technology (S&T) research.



Ofgem’s digital, data and technology procurement system.

Digital Resource Pool Framework

Digital Resource Pool Framework

Ofgem’s procurement system for strategic digital resourcing partners.

Accredited processes and controls

  • National Cyber Security Centre

    National Cyber Security Centre
  • Cyber Essentials Plus

    Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Check

  • ISO27001

  • ISO9001


  • AWS Advanced Tier Partner

    AWS Advanced Tier Partner
  • ATO

  • MS Gold

    MS Gold

Deliver government services faster, better, and more securely

We work alongside central government departments to develop and deliver innovative digital strategies and services that stand the test of time. We’ll dig deeper to modernise your legacy systems to provide citizens with faster, better and more efficient services.

And because we’re independent and tech-agnostic, we focus on the outcomes to provide the most appropriate solution for today and for the future.

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