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Incident Response Management

Managing cybersecurity incidents and mitigate risks

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Incident Response Management

With an expert incident response team operating as an extension of your Security Operations Centre (SOC), we can build and develop capabilities that allow you to quickly respond to security incidents and mitigate the threat from attacks such as ransomware.

Providing the reassurance

6point6 can provide the reassurance of a threat intelligence-led incident response management team available on-demand. Our team has vast experience in managing cybersecurity incidents and are experts in digital and cloud infrastructure. Whether you need us to limit the damage of a ransomware attack or you need to submit a report following a breach to your regulators, we are here to help.

Report an incident

"No organisation can stop attacks from happening, but you may deter attackers by making their job much harder. The less they’re able to effectively move around your organisation, the less likely they will be successful."

Tom Hall Head of Blue Team

Capabilities that scale

Cyber defence

The 6point6 blue team works with our clients to review your cyber security maturity to assess your current level of cyber response maturity, and building and developing capabilities for our clients. Using techniques such as Mitre ATT&CK® gap analysis, we can identify security flaws, assess the effectiveness of your existing security measures, build new security solutions and develop new capabilities within your organisation.

Tabletop exercises

Using our extensive experience, our team will construct tabletop exercises based on real-world scenarios to test your incident response and management capabilities. By observing your team’s technical incident response and executive crisis management, we can provide an assessment and advice on how to improve your capabilities.

Threat intelligence

Supporting our incident response service is our threat intelligence. With our vast experience in cyber security, we proactively uncover current and future threats to your security. We then publish reports and build capabilities to mitigate the risk posed by these threats.

Purple teaming

“Purple teaming” puts new software and capabilities to the test. While our red team attempts to exploit vulnerabilities our blue teamwork with your Security Operations Centre (SOC) to configure and implement a robust security response. This approach provides excellent training for your security staff while uncovering potential attack vectors.

Incident response and digital forensics

Organisations are facing an increasingly complex threat landscape, responding to incidents rapidly with a threat intelligence-led approach can reduce the impact of a breach. When the worst happens and your organisation is breached, our team will rapidly respond to identify the extent of the breach and plan remediation actions, while providing digital forensics essential for reporting. Our incident response management is offered as a service or an ongoing contract, enhancing your team with our dedicated incident response experts.

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