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Protecting yourself from ransomware with purple teaming

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Ransomware operators and developers are continuously evolving.
From their opportunistic roots to the now common Ransomware as a
service (RaaS), the effectiveness of ransomware operations has
improved drastically.

We’re seeing highly effective, targeted deployments, with attack groups conducting operations more like nation state attackers. These
attacks span the full attack life cycle including double extortion,
meaning that alongside the traditional attack motive of encrypting your
organisation’s systems, there’s the additional motive of stealing your
data as well as.

By using purple teaming, organisations can identify where they are
stronger or weaker at detecting common attack techniques and build a
roadmap to effectively detect activity in this lifecycle.

No organisation can stop attacks from happening, but you may deter attackers by making their job much harder. The less they’re able to effectively move around your organisation, the less likely they will be successful.

Tom Hall Head of Blue Team

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