Rise of the Robots

Many multinational companies with large legacy technology, including banking, insurance, telco and utility have implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA), software robots that take the work that is done by a human and programs a machine to do it. RPA enables employees to spend less time on high-volume, laborious and repetitive tasks whilst saving companies’ money.

But there are limitations with RPA because it can only be applied to repetitive tasks. RPA serves a purpose but if you want to affect digital change, automation needs to be implemented in a way that is intelligent.

To bridge the limitations of RPA and extend its capabilities, companies need a hybrid of automation technologies which is why we created Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

The IPA approach presents an alternative, one that gets the best out of RPA by isolating its use to straight forward integration, rather than allowing its unchecked expansion. IPA is a hybrid of automation technologies enabling businesses to remain agile and to make continued, incremental improvements to their technology estates rather than freezing them in time.

The approach gets the best out of three core technologies: Workflows, RPA and AI:


  • Workflow software allows process modelling, human workflow automation and integration with most existing, modern applications.
  • RPA creates a layer of automation over the top of legacy systems that you don’t want to modernise in the short term.
  • AI is then the extra layer to automate the decision points in the BPM processes.

Solution overview

6point6 Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) brings together the leading technology from workflow management, RPA and AI to provide an automation solution that delivers faster, highly scalable process automation, integration and automated decision making.

Our experience with process automation has led us to design an industry-leading service based around developing a detailed understanding of our clients’ world and introducing technology in the right way to scale your business.

Our approach:

  • Reduces costs, improves operational efficiencies, and meets compliance obligations
  • Identifies areas that can be successfully automated using best practices
  • Balances the need between the solutions to meet business outcomes while being technology agnostic
  • Guides a strategic approach in line with the long term goals of the business

Our engagement includes:

  • An information-gathering phase to better understand your requirements and assess your technology goals
  • The option to choose from a selection of automation services and vendors
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • An automation roadmap aligned to your business and technology goals

These three tools are a foundational layer for digital transformation that doesn’t require a costly wholesale rip and replacing a company’s IT systems but enables it.

Our services

What we offer

IPA Assessment (2-3 weeks)

This is the analysis stage where we engage with your teams and senior management to understand your needs, goals and processes – both in terms of how they work now, and how you want them to work in the future. The insight gained from our IPA assessment enables you to better understand where automation is needed to scale your business.

Solution Build & Deployment (12-20 weeks)

Using the knowledge we gained during the IPA Assessment, our engineering team can build a bespoke automation solution that fits your organization.

Deploying your solution

Once you have a set of custom applications you need the ability to manage and operate them.


Management and support (ongoing)

Our goal is to ensure you are getting the most of your IPA platform and that requires stability and reliability at all times.

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