Security advisory: coronavirus related phishing

June 1, 2020


There’s a full spectrum of criminality looking to profit from the virus, targeting regular people and industry; this includes router attacks, fake instructions from IT, and fake surgical equipment and treatments. However, the primary threat seems to be from virus-related phishing, some of which is getting through the standard defences.

For more analysis see our recent blog post, and see below for some examples we’ve collected and been given.

SMS examples

This is predominantly email, but SMS variants are around too, some latching onto the official HMG texts that went out in April:

Finally, now that Test, Track and Trace is coming into force, the scammers are already looking to use it to their advantage:

Email examples

In a similar vein there are the many fake HMRC campaigns, such as this one that was received by one of our Cyber team. The address was from the domain “”:

Thanks to Andrew Laughlin from Which? for one of the examples, and 6point6 staff for the others.

Last Updated: 01/06/2020

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