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Increasingly we see organisations where digital product development is a priority, but new products are not fully operational and production ready. We build digital products, make them production ready – and then transfer and integrate those fully operational products into your organisation by equipping your teams with the required skills over time.

Plugging into our digital product development resources gives you the ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors, to enable and empower your employees, to connect with your partners and to provide data-driven insight to your stakeholders.

The why

We are uniquely experienced in combining the disciplines needed into an end-to-end process, delivering digital products that achieve business outcomes, minimising risk of failure and waste and getting the best out of enabling technologies, such as Cloud and Open Source.


Agile Product Management

  • Setting out the product vision and strategy to prioritise the work in the product roadmap.

Service Design

This process includes:

  • User Research
  • Visual, UX and Interaction Design
  • Content Design

Software Engineering Excellence

  • Our skilled software engineers will write, test and release high-quality software that follows best practice.
  • A range of skills in different technologies that allow us to tailor the most appropriate solutions.


  • The delivery manager will bring together both software development and operation teams to improve collaboration and productivity.


  • Our analytics team embed sensors, beacons and other tools, to stream real-time data that provides insight into how digital products perform in the real world and how they can be improved and optimised, based on evidence derived from actual user behaviour.

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The Telegraph Media Group

6point6 helped TMG with strategic and technical leadership for implementationof the company’s digital subscriptions strategy by content management migration and creation of a core API platform.

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