Making digital transformation a success

Making digital transformation a success

Digital Transformation is the ability of a business to understand and adapt to changing consumer behaviour using technology. It is something every business wants to do and needs to do. Beyond the transformation, running your application with real customers and having a resilient service is difficult. It also requires skills and expertise from engineering, operations, cloud management and effective business management.


No CIO/CTO today finds himself or herself in a position where they don’t have to deal with what’s gone before. The challenge is dealing with all the legacy systems and the race to transform the business from past to present. Better yet at the same rate as technology and society. 

That’s where we come in. Our reputation is built on years of experience of achieving powerful and lasting transformations for clients across industry, professional services and public sector organisations. We build the right strategy to make technology the enabler, rather than a blocker to change.

Our services

Pathways to the Cloud

Cloud Migration

Cloud technology allows organisations to move away from management and maintenance of IT hardware by converting infrastructure into a utility, itemised, billed and paid for in the same way as electricity.

Engineering the Experience

Digital Product Development

Every company is now a software company – every aspect of a modern business organisation, in every sector, is digitally-driven. We help turn your digital aspirations into reality.

Cloud Control

Unlocking the strategic value of the cloud

Whilst the move to the cloud is making digital transformation easier and in many cases possible, if it’s not strategically planned, cloud can be difficult to control.

Digital Discovery

Harnessing customer insight to drive digital transformation

Customer expectations of businesses are increasing at an exponential rate, driven by the increasingly digital consumption of brands online and our desire for immediate, constant digital gratification.

Digital Productivity

Using a DevOps approach to empower teams and scale productivity

We are living in an era of digital Darwinism where technology and society are evolving faster than ever – at times, faster than businesses can adapt.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Workflows - RPA - AI

6point6 Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) brings together the leading technology from workflow management, RPA and AI to provide an automation solution that delivers faster, highly scalable process automation, integration and automated decision making.

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