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Customer expectations of businesses are increasing at an exponential rate, driven by the increasingly digital consumption of brands online and our desire for immediate, constant digital gratification.


To keep up with this and ensure effective differentiation from the competition, businesses need to constantly evolve their digital products and ecosystems with the customer at the forefront of their mind.

However, implementing complex digital change is challenging and requires an end-to-end strategic approach.

To address this, 6point6 Digital Discovery brings together user needs and business objectives with measures for success and technology, to realise the value of user-led change.

Place your users at the centre of everything you do.

A three step process

Made up of a three-stage process, we work with you and your customers to understand and describe your digital needs, before helping to create and implement the necessary solutions.

Avoiding obsolescence

Constant evolution of your digital ecosystems is vital to ensure you remain relevant and avoid digital obsolescence.


Working collaboratively with key stakeholders in your business, we establish who your users really are and what they need, so you can develop a comprehensive case for change.


This collaborative approach ensures the resulting strategy talks to your business needs, whilst improving cohesion for
the initiative and achieving buy-in across the business.


What we offer

Understand needs

This is the key ingredient for a successful experience strategy.

It is an opportunity for us to explore the benefits that can be realised for both customers and colleagues looking at technical landscape, digital experience outcomes, processes and workflows.

Describe the vision

This is where we collaborate with stakeholders in your business to synthesise the research and data about your users into actionable insights.

Create prototypes

The final stage of the process is where we develop a set of design principles and prototypes based on your customer insights and business needs.


The results of each stage of the process are put into a prioritised roadmap of wider recommendations, which can be used to leverage buy-in to the digital transformation process and will inform your next steps.

Our Thoughts

Why it pays to put users first

To enable you to focus on experiences that users want and stay relevant a user-led approach is essential.


Experience design enables you to place your users at the centre of everything you do, through understanding real issues that users face, establishing a deep understand of their needs and values, whilst avoiding the potential pitfalls of traditional digital transformation.


To ensure successful transformation in a fast-changing world driven to digitise and connect to everything, a holistic approach to your ecosystem to create successful experiences, successfully transforming in a fast- changing world driven to digitise and connect to everything,


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