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Cyber Lab

Uncovering future threats to mitigate risks

Securing your transformation

Prepare for future threats

Do you care about what has happened or what will happen? Our Cyber Lab focuses on threats that haven’t happened yet. Security sensors are useful tools but they primarily detect when something has already happened using known attack vectors, not what will happen. 

Our Cyber Lab was established to uncover threats before they happen, mitigating your risk from hacking, infiltration, ransomware and malware. Our forward-thinking team use their experience working for intelligence agencies to proactively expose cyber threats to critical level infrastructure for public and private companies. 

You receive threat intelligence reports and access to tools designed to mitigate risks to your organisation. We also work closely with our Penetration Testing team to develop scenarios based on this intelligence, ensuring that our red team is at the cutting edge of technology.

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Advisory and research

Our team specialises in reverse engineering, vulnerability research and the development of tools and Proofs-of-Concept. This may be to further our own capabilities, to complement a traditional penetration test with in-depth research, or to provide a standalone piece of work.

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Product testing

Our Cyber Lab can test all the security aspects of a product, from the traditional penetration test elements such as the web interface or mobile application, to hardware and Radio Frequency security.

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Malware analysis

We analyse malware detected by our customers, to help them better understand and defend against the threats they face.

Cyber security intelligence

Cyber security intelligence

What does your company look like to an external attacker? Our cyber security intelligence offerings give you an attacker’s view on your organisation.

Capabilities that scale

Supply chain testing 

We mitigate risk to your organisation by thoroughly testing products and services against known and future exploits. Before you buy new antivirus software, laptops or even renewable energy equipment, our Cyber Lab team will run thorough tests to ensure you aren’t opening yourself to unnecessary risk.

Product vulnerability testing 

Security needs balancing with useability. Our Cyber Lab tests a range of products to assess security and useability, producing reports on product and service efficacy and vulnerability. We apply the methodology to assess companies, products and services during the acquisition process, ensuring you aren’t exposed to unknown risks.

Threat intelligence

Our team of ex-intelligence experts mine the dark web and monitor black hat communities to uncover new attack vectors and potential exploits. We publish our findings for the good of the public as well as our research developing new open-source tools to allow organisations to mitigate future risks to cybersecurity.

Next-gen threat simulation 

To maintain a proactive stance on cybersecurity, our Cyber Labs team works closely with our pen testing “red” and “purple” teams to create next-generation threat simulations. We develop fake ransomware to test an organisation’s resilience and cyber response and assist in developing new capabilities.


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