Cloud Migration is hard. It is not a digital silver bullet.

Migrating IT hardware and networked systems to the cloud is a key enabler and accelerator for Digital Transformation and business agility.

However, modernisation must go alongside innovation, and sustainable transformation cannot be achieved in a single step.

Cloud enabling your business

Born-digital companies have already demonstrated how moving to the cloud offer extreme agility, instant global presence, security and business continuity, with the possibility of infinite capacity and scalability, all wrapped up with a pay-as-you-go, per-second-billing bow.

Organisations with legacy systems that have possibly been neglected over time, due to cost and workload pressures, but are still in active use and often in a mission critical capacity, may look at their newer digital competitors with some envy.

However, they too can realise the full benefits of cloud, if they have the commitment to pursue digital transformation and are equipped to follow a robust Cloud Migration strategy. Pathways to the Cloud is the way forward on your digital transformation journey.

Becoming digital

Organisational pressures on IT

Increasing profitability and market share:

  • Finding a competitive edge
  • Development, production and delivery of new products to market
  • Driving down costs
  • Meeting fast changing consumer expectations

Building operational resilience:

  • Ability to grow and replicate
  • Continued service delivery
  • Security, Assurance, Governance, Compliance

Creating a digital culture:

  • Overcoming resistance and barriers to change
  • Willingness to invest and commit to digital at senior level
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent


Helping you on your move to the cloud

Create a Cloud Migration Strategy

Our teams leverage modern automation techniques and tooling to develop a migration strategy with you that puts your business needs first with clear traceability to your business strategy.

Architecture and Design

We break the migration portfolio into a series of work packages and for each one we define and design a migration approach, design a solution to be implemented and define success criteria.

Engineering and Operations

We build a multidisciplinary Cloud Migration team of user experience designers, enterprise architects, agile experts, software developers, cyber analysts, security architects, data scientists, DevOps and software engineers.

Assurance and Governance

We provide assurance to all your stakeholders and provide evidence that Cloud Migration objectives are being met and the delivery phase conforms to the design.

Cyber Security

We provide operational resilience across your IT stack. We help your existing cyber security practice to evolve as you transition to cloud by creating cloud-specific security e.g. perimeter security design, encryption or third-party providers, or adapt applications.

Cloud Control

Whilst the move to the cloud is making digital transformation easier and in many cases possible, if it’s not strategically planned, cloud can be difficult to control. Our DevOps-led approach enables you to quickly understand the extent of your cloud estate, whilst implementing a set of controls, patterns and governance to effectively manage it.


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