COVID-19: Getting it right with DevOps

March 1, 2020

With only essential workers being in the office, IT resilience and the operational practices of organisations are being tested on a global scale. Companies that are set to succeed in 2020 are those who utilise technology to transform the way their teams collaborate, which is essential for delivery and operations to minimise time to deployment. The sudden change to working from home has created a cultural shift that has already changed the way we work.

Implementing DevOps during this cultural change ensures quality control whilst driving a faster time to market in the face of uncertainty.

Get it right by increasing automation, faster, more reliable deployments, and great visibility of application performance. This White Paper offers a real-world view of the challenges and benefits of adopting and scaling DevOps. It explains how to take your DevOps pulse, embedding a DevOps culture and navigates all the Ops variants. It also illustrates how to scale your DevOps practice by using a PlatformOps model.

Read more about our DevOps practice by downloading our whitepaper here.

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Director, DevOps

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Mark Debney
Director, DevOps