Women excelling in data

Join us on Wednesday, 27 September for an inspiring evening

Diversity fuels innovation, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of data. That’s why Women Excelling in Data is back for a second year after a massively successful event last year! Join us for an engaging networking event that highlights the pivotal role women play in driving advancements in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. You will gain valuable insights into the diverse experiences, perspectives, and expertise of women excelling in data. Connect with like-minded professionals, build meaningful relationships, and contribute to a more inclusive and equal future in the data-driven world.

6:00 pm


Registration, networking and pizza
6:30 pm


Introduction by Paloma Rebuelta, Data Science Engineer at 6point6
6:40 pm

Maggie Wang

Learn how to harness the power of graphs in social networks at scale from a Machine Learning Scientist at Bumble, Maggie Wang
7:10 pm

Isobel Daley

Gender and generative AI: An investigation into gender bias in text-based generative AI Tools with Isobel Daley, Data Scientist at 6point6
7:40 pm


Closing remarks with Laura Barlow, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at 6point6

Meet our Speakers

Paloma Rebuelta

Paloma is a Senior MLOPS Engineer with experience in both Data Science and DevOps engineering. Paloma has primarily focused on providing MLOPS, DevOps and Data Science services in the Energy and Financial Services sectors.

Maggie Wang

Maggie Wang is a machine learning scientist at Bumble. As a member of the Data Science User Experience team, she works to help people find meaningful connections by developing graph-based solutions and applications. She also actively works to develop and promote responsible AI in the organisation. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, followed by an MPhil in Machine Learning.

Isobel Daley

Isobel’s mission is to make AI accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or industry. She has experience in data acquisition, data modelling, statistical analysis, machine learning, deep learning, and NLP. Combined with a background in business leadership, consulting and economics, Isobel is a highly commercial Data Scientist.

Laura Barlow

Laura is a visionary leader and role model who is passionate about building diverse, collaborative and inclusive teams who deliver exceptional quality. With almost 20 years of commercial experience in Technology and driven by developing strong relationships and positive transformation, she consults for 6point6 bringing to life the equity and inclusion strategy.

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