DevOps At Scale In The Real World

By its very nature DevOps is broad, bring sweeping organisational change. Successfully introducing and scaling up DevOps will transform the way technology teams work and collaborate.

This White Paper offers a real-world view of the challenges and benefits of adopting and scaling DevOps. 

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Platform Ops

When it comes to the process of scaling DevOps, the framework provided by a Platform Ops approach allows not only the integration of DevOps best practices; but also consistency and empowerment that allows for a long term culture of DevOps to flourish across a large enterprise organisation.

Platform Ops model, allows organisations to do this by providing operational services to development teams in a way that enables them to self-serve and boost their own DevOps Capabilities.

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What we offer

DevOps Performance Assessment (2-4 weeks)

This is where we get an accurate understanding of the current performance of your teams and their software delivery lifecycle.

DevOps Strategy (4-6 weeks)

We often see the desire
to empower development teams to take greater operational ownership
of the products they
build and support.

DevOps Execution (3 months +/-)

DevOps Execution is often the first step to embedding your DevOps capabilities.

This is where we focus on the implementation of best practice within your teams.

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BBC News Online is facing growing competition from other news providers and needed to move its processes to the cloud in order to become more agile and to cut costs. To do this 6point6 created a unique Software Factory to standardise and automate application deployments.

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