Client Stories


Like many organisations BBC News Online, which is facing growing competition from other news providers, needed to move its processes to the cloud in order to become more agile and to cut costs. Converting this vast and complex site with its myriad legacy applications required a complete rethink of its structure and processes and so the Corporation approached 6point6 for help. To do this 6point6 created a unique Software Factory to standardise and automate application deployments.

As a news provider BBC News Online is facing growing competition from social media and online aggregators. In addition, this vast, complex site comprises various legacy systems. Migrating to the cloud was the first step in the BBC’s efforts to remain the industry leader, but how could it improve the speed, reliability and cost effectiveness of its deployments to the Amazon Web Services platform in order to stay ahead of the competition?

6point6 created a Software Factory. This framework produces a consistent approach to fully automated CI/CD at scale. It is able to adapt to multiple teams and a diverse range of technologies.