About us

Integrating digital technology into your business can result in fundamental changes to how you operate and deliver value to your customers. To go digital is to reinvent yourself to the core, opening yourself and your clients to a world of possibilities.

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Building a brighter digital future, together.

The world is in transition and there is disruption around every corner ready to challenge the status quo.

We are seeing new technologies emerge at the speed which we have never seen before, accelerating business growth and reshaping operational models across industries.

6point6 is at the heart of the biggest and fastest growing sector in the UK. With our deep expertise in technology, our ability to harness transformative technology and our agile delivery methods, we are in prime position to help our clients navigate today’s demanding digital world.

Our Accreditations

ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Cyber Essential Plus


Approved penetration testing certified

Founded in 2012, 6point6 is a technology consultancy with strong expertise in digital, data and cyber.

We bring a wealth of hands-on experience to help businesses, including financial service providers, media houses and government, achieve more with digital. Using cutting edge technology and agile delivery methods, we help you reinvent, transform and secure a brighter digital future.


At 6point6, we believe in a partnership model. It’s about accelerating you and building sustainable experiences, ultimately making you self-sufficient. We work with you to help you achieve your goals. Our measure of success is the impact we have made for our clients in the shortest time possible.