About us

A solution that works today and tomorrow.

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Why work with us

We solve problems you may not know needed solving – in the right way, that works for you. We don’t shy away from difficult requests or seemingly impossible deadlines. We’re here, on your side, when you need us.

We like the fact that each client is different – it’s an opportunity to bring our best people together and find solutions to complex challenges. We’re not here to give you an off-the-shelf service. That won’t work for you and it doesn’t work for us. Solutions that are designed right, built right and delivered right. Solutions that work for you today and tomorrow. Every time.


How we work


We spend the first part of any project digging deep into the challenge. Because within complexity lies the solution to the real challenge.


We embrace user-centred design to understand your challenges and your clients’ challenges and bring a total focus on your end user’s real needs.


We’ll deliver high quality solution that really works and solves your real challenge. A solution that works today. A solution that works for tomorrow.

Our Accreditations

ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Cyber Essential Plus



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Our values


We really do go the extra mile. When we say we’re here for you when you need us, we mean it.


We’re all about quality and doing things right. You’ll see this demonstrated in how we behave and the work we deliver.


We’re open about challenges and tell you what you need to hear. We find that’s the best way to earn trust and do right by each client.


We’re not afraid of complex or difficult projects. In fact, we welcome them. We truly do. You can test us on this.

Why 6point6?

6point6 came from Planck’s constant. Used across Quantum theory, Planck’s constant is used to underpin quantum mechanics. It is the base unit of quantum computing.

We know what you want to build is at the edge of what is achievable. But we will get there. And it will be faster, better and will enable you to achieve significantly more.

This is why we are called 6point6.