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We’re pleased to announce our new cyber security product: 6point6 Fortress. Using our deep expertise in cyber security, we have built a platform that gives you the power to assess and get an independent review of your incident response maturity.

Being prepared for incident response can save firms on average a cost of £1.5m in the event of a data breach. We don’t believe in restricting access to our expertise as we want to help firms be ready. That’s why Fortress is free of charge, all you need is just one hour of your time.

Take our free assessment, get your maturity score instantly and access our recommendations to improve your cyber maturity.

"Our years of operational cyber incident response experience have taught us that being ready with an incident response plan is the best way to reduce risk and minimise disruption if the worst happens. That’s why we have launched Fortress, a new way to assess your incident response capability and get actionable recommendations to make it even stronger. How ready are you?"

David Webb CEO, 6point6
Cost of a data breach

How it works

Simply complete our assessment and you will get an instant maturity score, a detailed report and a prioritised to-do list to support your cyber strategy.

Our assessment covers the following areas:

Incident response

Incident response is an organised approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyber attack.

Network security

The process of taking physical and software preventative measures to protect the underlying networking infrastructure.

Employee security

To help keep up with best practices, employees must go through essential awareness training and IT policies.

Event monitoring

Real-time monitoring, correlation and expert analysis of activity in your environment, detecting and alerting on valid threats to your data and devices.

Malware prevention

Malware Prevention and Detection is an active approach for defending computers systems against malicious software.

Identity access management

The combination of technical systems, policies and processes that create, define, and govern the safeguarding of identity and access

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Average total cost of a data breach in the financial industry


Average total cost of a data breach in the UK

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Data breach cost savings due to incident response preparedness

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