Protecting your digital assets

Our industry expertise gives us the ability to empower you to make informed decisions, enabling you to plan for and protect your digital assets and critical infrastructure against current and future security challenges.

Working to international and industry recognised standards, we help you achieve cost effective resilience, that fulfils all your accountability requirements. Our Cyber Incident Response (CIR) process helps clients to recover quickly from an incident, managing regulatory requirements and third parties with minimum disruption to service delivery.

We help you:

Our team of cyber experts work with you to help you understand, manage and contain the risks and impact of cyber attacks to your organisation. We provide the appropriate measures or solutions, prioritised for all your digital assets.


the situation and nature of an attack, including what applications are affected and where your networks, systems and user accounts have been compromised


the presence of any malicious software and exploited vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure


a report on the extent of your collateral damage, to include any information, data leakage or stolen IP


the costs associated with loss of data and help reduce those caused through time and resources

Helping you grow with confidence

At 6point6, we take a pragmatic approach to cyber security. We believe that security events of some degree are likely in any organisation. We focus on proactive measures to protect and minimise risks to your critical data and infrastructure with our annual service options, which offer proactive monitoring and industry specific cyber intelligence, so that you can grow your business with confidence.

Our approach ensures that each target data stream or infrastructure has been assessed and prioritised with specific response and remediation plans to identify, contain and resolve any such security event. Our response times are scaled appropriate to the scope, scale and severity of the incident.

Our Incident Response is delivered with a 3-tiered model which is based on a service level response time and is charged with either a per response fee or an annual retainer model.

Your Incident Response Team

Our team works quickly to minimise both the disruption to your business operations and any financial losses.

  • Incident command: Your first point of contact when you call us, to identify the scope and scale of incident and assign your handling team
  • Incident controller: A member of the team based on site and your single point of liaison, for ease of communication and confidentiality
  • Incident handler: An expert in remediation, managing the breach remotely and supporting incident management

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