Process Transformation

Business processes are at the heart of what every organisation does every day, and they represent a significant proportion of day-to-day business costs.

As your business grows, so does the importance of standardising and automating your processes.

Given the latest developments in technologies such as human workflow, robotic process automation and AI, now has never been a better time to automate certain processes within your business.

How we deliver competitive advantage

Our aim is to give your organisation the tools it needs to grow and meet your strategic goals.

The first step in this process is to understand what you do and how you do it so we can describe where a computer is able to take on the time-consuming, repetitive work, which will enable your team to focus on more important things. We call this the IPA Assessment.

From here, we can create and deliver improvements by building an automated solution to meet your business’ specific needs – all whilst maintaining the human touch that makes your business unique.

Throughout this process we collaborate with you to achieve everything from initial analysis to a full AI capable automation suite.

We can either support your existing team or manage the entire project for you depending on your specific needs.


What we offer

IPA Assessment (2-3 weeks)

This is the analysis stage where we engage with your teams and senior management to understand your needs, goals and processes – both in terms of how they work now, and how you want them to work in the future.

Solution Build & Deployment (12-20 weeks)

Using the knowledge we gained during the IPA Assessment, our engineering team can build a bespoke automation solution that fits your organisation.

Deploying your solution

Once you have a set of custom applications you need the ability to manage and operate them.

Management and support (ongoing)

Our goal is to ensure you are getting the most of your IPA platform and that requires stability and reliability at all times.

Our Thoughts

People vs. Automation

Whenever automation is discussed in any organisation, the first fear is that people will be replaced and find themselves out of a job.

In our experience, this doesn’t tend to be the case – the goal of automation is not replace people, but to aid them.

Introducing automation allows these low-value tasks to be taken off humans, so that they have more time to invest in higher value, insight-led work.

The result is that they are often able to invest time in delivering work of a higher quality or standard, whilst often being able to take on additional work. This results in efficiency savings across the organisation, where staff resource can be redeployed to meet changing business needs.

Insights from our experts

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