Data Platforms offer tremendous promise to an organisation.

Data Platforms on the cloud offer tremendous promise to an organisation, through the possibility of immense storage, analysis of vast amounts of data, agility and responsiveness and by providing practically infinite scalability for machine learning workloads.

Using Data Platforms

Data Platforms offer a compelling alternative, switching focus to solving business challenges by having the data to drive the insight and plot a course to the solution.

Born-digital companies have demonstrated how to bypass legacy data systems and leverage cloud scale data processing and machine learning to drive insight into all facets of their business.

Data Platforms have features that can be used to provide intelligence that goes way beyond traditional reporting solutions. Once these features become available and their impact is identified, data engineers can harness their power for additional insight applications resulting in fundamental changes to how you operate.

Competing demands

What to do with data and how to leverage it best faces competing demands from across your organisation.

Data analysis and management:

  • Collect, collate and make sense of all the data collected
  • Identify and understand which data is useful
  • Manage costs of handling data
  • Know what questions to ask to harness data effectively
  • Scale insight generation quickly and effortlessly
  • Use data effectively to form the foundation for AI
  • Ensure technical competence matches data needs

Become customer centric:

  • Understand customers and changing expectations • Put data collection at the heart of every customer interaction
  • Improve personalisation of offerings
  • Use insight to tailor products’ features • Innovative ideas for better service

Governance and regulatory environment

  • Be secure by design
  • Curate and govern the data flowing in and out
  • Assurance of service continuity
  • Align with risk management objectives
  • Manage third party risk
  • Ability to manage data within parameters of compliance, security and changing regulation


Developing insight for business performance

Creating a Data Platform strategy

Our teams will develop a strategy with you to identify the key drivers and metrics that measure your success across your organisation.

Architecture and Design

We carve the Data Platform portfolio into a series of work packages and for each one define and design the Data Platform components.

Engineering and Operations

We custom build a multidisciplinary Data Platform team and deploy our proprietary methodologies and frameworks to accelerate work package delivery.

Assurance and Governance

We provide assurance to all your stakeholders and provide evidence that the Data Platform objectives are being met and the delivery phase conforms to the design.

Cyber Security

We adopt secure by design principles and help your existing cyber security practice to evolve as you transition to cloud.

Continuous Handover

We support and mentor your in-house team as they gain ownership and eventual full control. We work collaboratively handing over knowledge and physical artefacts in incremental stages.

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