Taking a positive approach to managing cyber risk

Whether you are looking to gain greater visibility into constantly evolving risks or implement a new cyber strategy, our cyber teams will carry out a full investigation and review of your ability to protect your information assets and your security preparedness.

We provide accurate and insightful assessments that support informed spending decisions, based on risks and costs of protecting your data and systems.

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

6point6’s Cyber Maturity Assessment is based on a capability-oriented architecture. We work with you to understand what matters most to your business and map out your technology landscape. 

We assess and benchmark the maturity of your current security capabilities from an architecture and technical perspective and advise you on steps you can take to bridge gaps. We carry out an extensive, in-depth assessment of your organisation’s security systems, based on international, industry-recognised standards.


Assessment Process

Using our 6point6 Security Capability Architecture, we develop a series of staged assessments, which will ultimately form part of your Cyber Strategy.

Current state

The current state provides a comparison of the maturity of each security system in your organisation. It provides you with a unique picture of the overall maturity assessment for the current state of your security operations.

Target state

The target-state outlines the required operating model and organisation structure for optimum security capability now and in future.


The roadmap outlines improvements to be made, showing priority areas
and risk with an indication
of costs and impact. The roadmap also highlights areas where internal collaboration and knowledge sharing within your organisation will improve your security.

Capability Architecture

We use a unique security capability architecture framework to assess your security capabilities at a business level perspective.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

We assess SIEM software across your business and monitor its effectiveness with thorough testing and incident simulation.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Systems must be well managed, with the right balance between letting people do their jobs, while granting the minimum levels of access required for any particular role.

Trust Management

The next generation of network security, operating primarily at the application tier, to support consumption of cloud services.

Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM)

We aim to reduce your key assets’ exposure to a wide range of threats and vulnerabilities. We proactively mitigate cyber risks and enable compliance with security-related statutory and regulatory requirements.

Business Resilience Management (BRM)

We assess against possible impact of breach on service continuity, to provide a framework for building organisational resilience and protect critical systems and data.

Cryptography and Key Management

Cryptography underpins many of today’s security features, particularly for high security and sensitive data. Poorly managed key data systems can present an unnecessary risk. We assess the quality of your systems and processes.

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