New strategic partnership with Camunda

October 1, 2014

The partnership will enable 6point6 to provide Workflow Automation and Case Management centric solutions to the increasing number of our customers who are turning to Open Source to provide strategically important software. It will also complement our existing expertise in the field of BPMN2.0 alongside our Oracle SOA Suite offering.

Camunda’s Java-based BPMN2.0 platform is far and away the leading Open Source product in its field, and it is also an early adopter of the CMMN Adaptive Case Management standard defined by the OMG, of which Camunda is a member. As well as its freely available Apache licenced Community edition Camunda also Enterprise support where it is required.

6point6 will provide UK-based consulting services to new and existing Camunda users and we will be able to offer expertise in the Camunda product, close links with Camunda engineering, training, support and management. We will be participating in joint events in the UK and Europe, details of which we will share very soon.

6point6 CEO David Webb said: ‘We are delighted about our new partnership with Camunda which enables us to offer customers a credible Open Source BPM solution. This alliance will enable us to service the growing demand within the UK marketplace for BPM, Case Management and Open Source software.

As we continue to grow as an organisation identifying key strategic partners such as Camunda is a vital part of our strategy, we very much look forward to working together and providing excellent solutions to our customers.’”