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Maria Ball

Service Delivery Lead

Hello, I am Maria. I am a Service Delivery Lead working with the Cyber Security team on one of 6point6 public sector customer accounts.

My role at 6point6 gives me the opportunity to work alongside professionals at the forefront of cyber security delivering exceptional value to organisations across various industries and making a tangible contribution to the running of their business. Prior to joining 6point6 I worked as a 24/7 operations team lead and software development project manager in online gaming, public broadcasting and finance industries. Within my project management career, I’ve applied various methodologies, putting in place processes that optimise efficiency of software development teams and help them achieve brilliant results. I completed my MBA degree in Brunel Business School in 2013.


Chandana Paila

Business Analyst

Hello, I’m Chandana and I’m a Business Analyst.

My role at 6Point6 gives me an opportunity to work with diversified clients in a fast paced and challenging environment. I help organisation to develop it’s functions, services and products that are tangible to clients to achieve their full potential. I work very closely with subject matter experts and technology teams and act as a conduit between them to ensure there is no ambiguity in requirements.

As a Business Analyst I work on finding the most tangible and feasible solution to client needs, producing artefacts without the use of jargon that can be played back to the clients to seek their approval and they meet the relevant quality standards. Working on large scale public sector projects, I am constantly learning and sharing industry best practices. I obtained my masters degree in Business Systems Integration from Brunel University in 2012.


Dan Smith

Lead Big Data Architect

Hi, I’m Dan and I am Lead Big Data Architect.

Our Big Data architecture teams work on some of the largest scale data platforms in Government and the private sector.
Working on big data platforms can require a rapid understanding of how government departments, businesses and industries function. Getting to spend time analysing the complexities of large clients’ data estates is a stimulating way to satisfy your curiosity about how the world really works!


Alexandra Marsden

Cyber Assurance Manager

Hi, I’m Alexandra and I work as a Cyber Assurance Manager.

I am mostly obsessed with governance and implementing security frameworks, currently working for a UK government client on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, which provides me quite a nice challenge!

As part of a larger team, I sit alongside the technical architects, all working on client site together. Sharing knowledge across all our skill sets can really make a difference, by presenting back an end-to-end security view for the client. Plus, we all get to learn so much more from each other.



Peter Barnsley

Cyber Security Director

Hello, I’m Pete. I joined 6point6 as Enterprise Cyber Security Architect and I am now a Cyber Security Director.

At 6point6, every day is different and brings opportunities to learn new things and meet new people. The varied nature of the role makes it really interesting. I could be briefing seniors regarding a Cyber Security Strategy, reviewing low level architecture or working with developers. You could be working with a bank one day and a central government department the next; both have their unique challenges and needs.


Jamie Whittingham

Junior DevOps Consultant

Hi, I’m Jamie. I work in DevOps, but was seconded into the Cyber team for a few months too.

This was a great opportunity to broaden my experience and knowledge, whilst getting to know other people in the business. We work for some great clients, and my particular favourite has to be the Home Office. I’ve been working on some new systems which are being rolled out to the public. Not only has it given me some client exposure of the best kind, it’s also changed my perceptions of working on Government projects for the better.

Leadership team

David Webb

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

David is the Co-founder and CEO of 6point6. Prior to setting up 6point6 in 2012, David spent over 20 years in the Financial Services and Government sectors leading large architecture teams. At HSBC Global Banking and Markets, David had overall architecture control of the global roll out of the bank's KYC programme as part of the bank's AML policy. Prior to that, David was with FSA and HM Government leading large technology transformations.

Jez Vickers

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jeremy leads our business critical functions. Prior to 6point6, Jeremy spent over 12 years working with highly scalable, distributed systems architecture and has extensive experience as a Lead Architect for major banking, financial services & government clients. With specialist financial domain knowledge from some key programmes with tier-one investment banks, he also has significant experience with major HM Government programmes.

Maya Shah

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Maya is responsible for the Finance function of 6point6 and has nearly a decade’s experience in the professional services and technology sector. Prior to joining 6point6, Maya worked at an international compliance consultancy in various senior finance roles. She is also a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Chris Porter

Corporate Development Officer (CDO)

Chris is the Co-founder and Corporate Development Officer. Chris has over 17 years’ experience as a hands-on technologist specialising in Enterprise scale integration, Agile delivery, software development, automated testing, DevOps and Cloud. He has been a Developer, a Product Specialist, an Architect, a Tester, a Team Lead and a Manager. Chris’s experience spans both public and private sector organisations including Telecoms, Finance, Central Government and Media and Technology.

Gary Richardson

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

With over 17 years’ of consulting experience, Gary leads our consulting team of data scientists, engineers, architects, designers with his background in the agile development of AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain solutions. The team brings a collaborative approach to analytics, underpinned by machine learning and data engineering. Prior to joining 6point6, Gary was the Head of Data Engineering at a Big 4 consulting firm, focussing on blockchain and bringing sound data engineering to the world of AI.

Isha Chander

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Isha has over 12 years of international marketing, sales and client engagement experience in the professional services industry. Prior to joining 6point6, Isha worked with Addleshaw Goddard, an international law firm, leading Financial Services (FS) marketing and business development. Before Addleshaw Goddard, Isha was the Head of Marketing for Financial Services at PwC Singapore. She completed her MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Suzanna Ferguson

Chief People Officer (CPO)

Suzanna started her career in HR at BP. She covered all disciplines and gained a broad knowledge whilst there for several years. Prior to joining 6point6, she had various roles, including Office Manager for a start up company, Project Management Office at Deloitte and Project Management in the Finance and Government sectors. Suzanna holds a CIPD accreditation.

Ian Mitchell

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

With over 30 years in the IT Industry, spanning roles from Developer to CTO/Chief Architect, Ian has extensive experience of developing and successfully implementing complex solution and enterprise architectures across all architecture domains (business, information, application, infrastructure, service and security). This experience is complemented with extensive knowledge in Agile development, Cloud, Big Data, Innovation and value based engineering. Prior to 6point6, Ian worked at Royal Mail, Fujitsu, Atos and Unisys.