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New to 6point6

New to 6point6

Sam Rea

Cyber Security Architect

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m a Cyber Security Architect. I work with our customers across the private and public sectors to help make sure they are well protected and can respond quickly and effectively to cyber-attacks.

There’s plenty to enjoy about my role, but I particularly like getting to apply my background in agile delivery and user-centric design to security challenges.

I also enjoy working with customers to improve their capability to identify, manage and respond to security incidents; helping provide organisations with confidence to adopt emerging technology and pursue digital transformation.

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Francesca McFarlane

Information Assurance Manager

Hi, I’m Francesca and I’m an Information Assurance Manager currently providing IA support for a major business transformation programme within UK Government.

What I love about my job is the constantly evolving environment I’m exposed to, which inevitably means I’m always learning new things. I’ve enjoyed taking on a challenging role through 6point6, with a vast amount of responsibility where I have the ability to directly influence positive change.


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Gavin Edmonds

Head of Experience Design

Hi, I’m Gavin and I am the head of the Experience Design practice, where we craft innovative solutions that solve genuine user needs.

I really look forward to the challenge of getting under the skin of business problems and exploring the possible by bringing the users voice to the table – all whilst working with top technologists to make it real!