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New to 6point6

Ashwini Honavar

Java Developer

Hi, I’m Ashwini and I’m a Java Developer. I come from software engineering background where coding and consulting have always been my major areas of interest and my key motivation.

Being a part of the Digital Transformation practice at 6point6 is fantastic. I work with a cutting-edge technology stack including Camunda, AWS, Terraform, Docker and Kubernetes. The focus is to engineer a modern thriving software application which brings profound impact in all aspects of the business that is capable of delivering cloud, digital and agile transformations that benefit our clients.At 6point6, I enjoy working on complex challenging projects and also take pride in representing women in the software industry. To all the women who want to excel and have an amazing tech career: “Dare to dream and convert it to a reality.” If I can, so can you!

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Daniel Chandler

Senior Cyber Security Analyst

Hi, I am Daniel and I am a Senior Cyber Security Analyst. I am responsible for leading cyber transformation projects for our customers from the private and public sector.

What I enjoy most about my role is utilising my technical security knowledge and skills to build appropriate defense and operational security functions for our customers.

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Alexandra Marsden

Cyber Assurance Manager

Hi, I’m Alexandra and I work as a Cyber Assurance Manager. I am mostly obsessed with governance and implementing security frameworks, currently working for a UK government client on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, which provides me quite a nice challenge!

As part of a larger team, I sit alongside the technical architects, all working on client site together. Sharing knowledge across all our skill sets can really make a difference, by presenting back an end-to-end security view for the client. Plus, we all get to learn so much more from each other.