6point6 Technology Services


The media industry is undergoing a seismic change as traditional providers compete with innovative and disruptive digital challengers.

The digital expectations of customers and the rapid introduction of new technologies are creating a tough set of challenges for media providers across the spectrum of news, magazines, on-line, B2B, digital content, broadcast and STM.

With the continued growth in ad-blocking, programmatic advertising and branded or ‘native’ content, media providers need to evolve rapidly as consumers become more sophisticated and choose to purchase goods and services directly using smartphones via innovative social media or e-commerce-enabled applications. As the need to innovate and change quickly, and to clearly differentiate becomes more acute, so the need to continually harness these new technologies moves to the top of the Digital business transformation agenda.

But simply creating new mobile applications or updating websites wont deliver the kind of organisational and cultural changes needed to face the competition and build a sustainable and flexible Digital service.

We help our Clients to develop a mature and robust digital strategy to deliver value to customers, protect and grow market share and monetise content that goes beyond display advertising and traditional revenue streams.

Our people are currently helping leading media organisations to harness and modernise their digital assets so that they can provide the robust, scalable, secure and performant services needed to deliver the rapidly evolving digital service landscape required by their customers.

We have proven experience and expertise in the fast moving modern world of the media. We are providing leadership, advice, architectural strategy and vision, as well as seasoned software engineering capabilities to leading media organisations.