6point6 Technology Services


What does our Graduate Programme involve?

The 6point6 graduate training programme is your next step into a professional career path with a highly respected fast track technology company. We offer a unique training scheme, which will set you apart from your industry peers and provide you with the skills and ability necessary to achieve market-leading status along with the commensurate salary and benefits.

From the moment you join 6point6, you will become a technology advisor, valued for the unique contribution you make and the innovative ideas you bring.

You will always have a voice, your thoughts and ideas are discussed and nurtured in a supportive way.

You will work with our clients to solve complex business challenges and in doing so make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to their Business and IT capabilities.

You are given the necessary time to study for further professional qualifications, which will rapidly enhance your skills, whilst receiving mentoring from our senior professionals working in your chosen field. They will help you to define and develop the rounded business skills that compliment your technical knowledge in order to become a world class consultant.

You will join one of three challenging training and mentoring programmes, each focussed on a different technology area of our business:

6point6 Technology Services Digital Transformation

Engaging with our clients to help them realise a digital strategy in order to drive user engagement, cost reduction and revenue growth. Our teams are involved in enabling digital transformation strategy, architecture & design and the implementation of innovative and engaging digital services using the latest technologies, including cloud, microservices and containerisation.

6point6 Technology Services Cyber Security

Engaging with our clients to help them protect their reputation and capital, secure the confidentiality of intellectual property and maintain competitive advantage. Our teams are involved in everything from security strategy, transformation planning, architecture & design, implementation of effective security solutions and processes, to responding to cyber incidents and breaches.

6point6 Technology Services Big Data and Analytics

Engaging with our clients to help draw value and business advantage from their data and information. Our teams are involved in everything from business intelligence strategy, transformation planning, architecture & design and implementation of effective business intelligence solutions.

What are my career choices?

This is where you see the real world of technology consulting in practice.

You will work with one of our teams in Digital Transformation, Cyber Security or Big Data and Analytics, be mentored by class leading professionals and day by day learn to do the work required within your chosen field. You will work closely with your chosen team in order to build your experience and ability.

Digital Transformation

Training and development

As your skills develop, you will be given the opportunity to deliver our range of digital services to clients, to add to our list of service offerings and to advise the Head of Digital Transformation on the overall strategy. You may work with senior executives to help them understand the digital landscape and the impact it is likely to have on an evolving digital and technology footprint.

Most importantly you will have the opportunity to learn about our core specialisms such as digital strategy and architecture, digital service delivery, software development and lifecycle and DevOps.

Cyber Security

Training and development

As your skills develop, you may be given the opportunity to coordinate an engagement team, develop new service offerings, or even help advise a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) developing a cyber security strategy. You may also work with senior executives to help them understand the threats facing their organisation and their responsibilities.

Most importantly you will have the opportunity to learn about our core specialisms within enterprise security architecture, cyber security engineering and operational security analysis.

Big Data and Analytics

Training and development

As your skills develop, will be given the opportunity to help coordinate an engagement team, develop new service offerings, or maybe advise a Chief Information Officer (CIO) on developing a big data strategy. You may work with senior executives to help them understand the big data technology landscape and define business intelligence roadmaps supporting business objectives.

Most importantly you will have the opportunity to learn about some of our specialisms such as big data architecture, big data engineering, and data science, machine learning.

What are my learning and development opportunities?

Gaining your professional qualification

This is where you underpin your experience with deep knowledge and qualifications.

You will undertake further study to gain relevant technical qualifications, to ensure that you have the necessary technical skills, knowledge and understanding which will make you stand out from your peers. For this aspect, you will usually complete some study with industry training courses, receive paid study leave where needed and undertake professional exams.

Developing your business skills

This is about making sure you develop the core skills you'll need for a career in business, technology and consulting.

You will gain experience of working in teams, problem-solving, and communication within a multi-cultural and diverse working environment as well as making sure you gain right level of strategic thinking, organisation, leadership, business and finance skills to develop your career as a consultant. You will be assigned a mentor to provide you with guidance and the support needed as you continue to develop your skills. The world of technology has changed and as modern technologists we increasingly need to understand business functions. Your mentor will provide real world business knowledge and guidance to enable you to understand the business aspects and drivers.

What qualifications do I need?

Please note: all grades below need to have been achieved on first sitting.

A Levels

3 Subjects including:

  1. One of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
    (Grade A)
  2. English Language
    (Grade B or above)
  3. Others
    (Grade B or above)


Scottish Highers

Scottish Highers = 5 Highers from your 5th year at school.

If you only sat four, we’ll consider your circumstances and may include your best grade from your 6th year.



Minimum 2.1

Any technology-based degree
e.g. Computer Science, IT, Engineering with technology modules

OR Mathematics/Statistics

OR any discipline, with a Masters in a technology based subject

Narrowly miss the requirements?

Please don’t be put off applying to us. We have designed our application process to ensure each applicant is assessed on their own merits, accurately and fairly, in the context of their educational and personal circumstances. We can sometimes adjust entry requirements to reflect this context.

What else do I need?

You must be:

Legally allowed to work in the United Kingdom and have been a resident for a minimum of 5 years.

Happy to apply for and hold UK HMG Security Clearance.