Cyber threats pose one of the biggest risks to businesses today

The Cyber Security of any organisation is dynamic and can change from one instant to the next. It is this thought that drives our expert teams to ensure they are continually improving their knowledge and understanding of organisational defences.

Why is cyber due diligence so important?

It can add value to the target organisation by addressing some common post-acquisition security issues.

Not only this, it mitigates against current and future risks, allowing you to budget for any issues identified throughout the process, such as breach related regulatory fines, IP issues or reputation management costs.

These benefits can all be achieved through our pre-acquisition and post-transaction cyber security assessments.

Cyber maturity assessment

The 6point6 approach to maturity assessments is bespoke and tailored to the requirements and risk profile of each client. We use our unique capability architecture which focuses on 6 technical capabilities:

Identity Access Management

Enables lifecycle management of digital identities, credentials and permissions. It enables the right individuals to access the right resources, at the right times – and for the right reasons.

Security Information and Event Management

Enables near-real-time analysis and monitoring of security alerts generated by IT systems. This information is used to respond to security threats and disrupt cyber attacks.

Cryptography and Key Management

Enables the management of cryptographic keys in a cryptosystem, including creation, exchange, storage, use and replacement of keys. Modern security features are underpinned by cryptography. Loss or compromise of key date can have serious consequences.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Enables the identification of threats, proactively reduces assets exposure to vulnerabilities. This mitigates cyber risks, and facilitates compliance with security-related compliance requirements.

Active Trust Management

Enables the management of trust zones and border inspection that can dynamically analyse traffic flows, and manage the level of trust required to interact with corporate networks, applications and data.

Business Resilience Management

Enables the identification of potential threats to service availability, and mitigates the potential impact on business operations. This provides a framework for building organisational resilience, which can ensure business services remain available when they are needed.


Our assessments focus on the areas that are most important to investors, delivering outcomes which highlight opportunities to mitigate risk and reputational damage, whilst enhancing security posture, enabling cost reductions and creating better operational efficiency with people and processes.

At 6point6 we are uniquely placed to provide security consultancy at every level, from strategy, architecture and engineering, to intelligence and Cyber Lab services – a core business unit which keeps us at the forefront of threat intelligence and cyber innovation.

We have a successful track record working in both the public and private sector on cyber due diligence issues as part of the M&A process.

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