Digital Productivity

The 6point6 DevOps Operating Model (DOOM) is a movement towards more operations ownership, empowering your teams to scale digital productivity.


We are living in an era of digital Darwinism where technology and society are evolving faster than ever – at times, faster than businesses can adapt.


To allow your business to cope with such rapid, sustained change, we believe there needs to be a cultural and operational shift in the delivery of IT, towards a DevOps Operating Model (DOOM).

How we solve the problem

The first step in helping you to achieve this is to understand your business process and technical landscape.


This helps us to establish where DevOps can add the most value within your organisation.

As part of this, we’ll describe the current operational and development landscape and identify where gaps in your capabilities exist.

This will lead us to create a transformation strategy from which we can create and deliver a bespoke, scaled DevOps solution to plug the gaps.

The importance of culture

To maintain your DevOps momentum, we can also work with you to instill the wider culture of DevOps, allowing your development teams to push efficiencies through the development life cycle and, ultimately, to achieve operating at scale.

Core to this is the sharing of best practice, methods and tooling.

We will work with your team to find areas of consistency in tooling, process and methods, whilst empowering your people to work collaboratively in a high-trust environment.


What we offer

DevOps Performance Assessment (2-4 weeks)

This is where we get an accurate understanding of the current performance of your teams and their software delivery lifecycle.

DevOps Strategy (4-6 weeks)

We often see the desire
to empower development teams to take greater operational ownership
of the products they
build and support.

DevOps Execution (3 months +/-)

DevOps Execution is often the first step to embedding your DevOps capabilities.

This is where we focus on the implementation of best practice within your teams.

Our Thoughts


No matter under what definition you view DevOps, you will always see automation as a key component – from CI/ CD to the deployment of Infrastructure and networking.

Automation and the elimination of manual steps will greatly improve the speed, reliability and consistency of operation and development process.

DevOps automation is a process of continuous monitoring and improvement. When a new bottleneck is found it needs to be evaluated to determine how best it should be eliminated or mitigated.

Often a DevOps toolchain is able to meet your automation needs with standard configuration and minimal scripting, but sometime bespoke tooling is needed to fully realise and optimise automation requirements.

This bespoke tooling can have the additional benefit of adding consistent approaches across multiple teams. A consistent approach enables best practice, security, and governance
to be embedded across teams.


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BBC News Online is facing growing competition from other news providers and needed to move its processes to the cloud in order to become more agile and to cut costs. To do this 6point6 created a unique Software Factory to standardise and automate application deployments.

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