The Cyber Security of an organisation is dynamic and can change from one instant to the next. It is this thought that drives our team.

Digital resilience as standard.

Your clients expect it and we deliver it. At 6point6 we provide a range of cyber services. This includes preventative services which help you to be proactive in protecting your security, defensive services which protect your business from attack, and responsive teams that can be called in following an attack to mitigate, repair, investigate and upgrade your security.

We are trusted suppliers of cyber security to the UK Government and multinational corporations. Our work with both public and private sector clients has seen us delivering major security projects, including one of the largest cyber design and implementation projects ever undertaken for central government.

Our team includes ex-British Intelligence and military and some of the world’s leading cyber professionals. This combination of skills and knowledge gives us unique insight into cyber security and resilience.

Pathways to Digital Resilience

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Cyber Security occupies the minds of not only the technology leadership team, but also the wider senior leadership team.

Responding to the Unknown

Incident Response Management

Understanding and prioritising your cyber risks is critical. Rapidly evolving cyber threats demand a proactive, dynamic and intelligence driven response strategy.

Discovering Hidden Risks

M&A Cyber Due Diligence

Addressing Cyber Due Diligence as part of the M&A process reaps a number of benefits for you, as the acquiring firm.

Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Testing, Protection and Risk Mitigation

Penetration Testing aims to uncover security weaknesses in IT systems based on specific needs and targeted scope

Insights from our experts