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Research Consultancy

Our Cyber Lab team specialises in reverse engineering, vulnerability research and the development of tools and Proofs-of-Concept. This may be to further our own capabilities, to complement a traditional penetration test with in-depth research, or to provide a standalone piece of work.

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Product Testing

The security of your equipment, tools and services is your own security. From access control systems to enterprise software, if it is part of your business it is part of your attack surface. Our Cyber Lab can test all the security aspects of a product, from the traditional penetration test elements such as the web interface or mobile application, to hardware and Radio Frequency security.

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Malware Analysis

We analyse malware detected by our customers, to help them better understand and defend against the threats they face. Sometimes we’ll release details of that analysis, to assist the community. Get in touch for an example report.

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Cyber Security Intelligence

What does your company look like to an external attacker? What is out there on the Internet and Dark Web that affects your organisation’s security? What do you know of your suppliers’ security? Our cyber security intelligence offerings give you an attacker’s view on your organisation and its dependencies from the outside.

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