6point6 Technology Services

Cyber Security

Every day, new reports emerge on the latest threat to cyber security; from lone hackers to state-sponsored attack, it appears that no-one is safe. Even Hollywood is cashing in on the concept. But is this all just sensationalist hype for the sake of selling newspapers and blockbuster movies, or has our dependency on technology truly sparked a new arms race in cyberspace? One thing is certain, cyber security has taken a permanent place on the Board-Level agenda, and continues to be backed by significant year-on-year investment.

Our people are helping big brands protect their reputation and capital, secure the confidentiality of their intellectual property and maintain their competitive advantage. We are helping them explore new markets and develop new opportunities, without exposing unmanageable security risks. Perhaps that sounds too good to be true? Or perhaps you should be speaking to our cyber experts.

The expertise of our people has been proven in some of the most complex and demanding threat landscapes. They will give you the confidence that comes from knowing that you have specialists on your team who are as dedicated to your success as you are.

Security Architecture and Design

One of the biggest challenges facing cyber security teams is managing the ongoing costs of security controls across the organisation. Our business oriented and risk driven approach to security architecture will ensure a sustainable and high-value return on your investment. We can help throughout the entire process, from defining the enterprise cyber strategy to the security configuration of your deployed IT systems.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Understanding and prioritising your cyber risks is critical to the overall success of your business. Our industry expertise offers accurate and true-to-life assessments of cyber risk, which will empower risk owners to make informed decisions and enable your organisation to plan for the future.

We can also help you to meet and maintain your security based statutory and regulatory commitments, and any standards based accreditations such as ISO 27001.

Assurance and Evaluation

How confident are you that the right security measures have been implemented to mitigate cyber risks in your organisation? Have they been configured correctly, and do they continue to function as intended? From inception to implementation we can provide expert independent assurance for your internal and external stakeholders. Our full-spectrum of assurance services will provide you evidence that security objectives are being met throughout the system lifecycle. If objectives are not met, we will provide practical advice and guidance to rectify any problems.

We provide security evaluation of new technology products and services, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Incident Management and Response

A cyber attack can happen at any time and without warning, and all too often without detection. A timely response can significantly minimise the impact on your business operations, and reduce the associated financial losses. Our emergency response teams can quickly contain an incident, analyse valuable intelligence on the attacker, and help you make the right decisions at the right time.