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Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway is a modular Security Transit Broker and integrated SD-WAN. It is flexible and scalable, adapting with ease to meet your infrastructure requirements. It enables secure connectivity to the Internet or to Cloud Service Providers in a centralised fashion, encrypting traffic in transit and managing the movement of all data through a centralised Enforcement Point.

Cloud Gateway allows you to take a phased approach to adopting Cloud Services at your own pace and in a sequence that meets your business needs. This can be fully adapted to suit changes which may affect your priorities or business goals; something that truly distinguishes Cloud Gateway on the market.


Cloud Gateway Stratus is an integrated SD-WAN service offering, allowing you to take control of how you route your traffic into the Cloud Gateway, to other sites on your WAN, to Cloud Hosted Providers or straight out to the Internet. This flexibility enables you to leverage the price point of an Internet circuit, whilst getting a managed service that allows you to function exactly how your business demands. This results in a far cheaper Networking experience and a vastly increased feature set.


Cloud Gateway allows you to adopt a single Enforcement Point for your network traffic. Our modular approach to Security means that we can offer you granularity in every facet of threat prevention. Advanced reporting gives you visibility of what every user is doing, granting you complete control and transparency over your network.

Cloud Journey

Whether you’re beginning your journey to using the Cloud, or have many established Cloud services, Cloud Gateway allows you to eliminate physical devices, reduce costs, enhance security and provides the highly skilled personnel and flexible infrastructure that is continuously adjusting to meet your business needs.