DevOps: Cloud Control

Whilst the move to the cloud is making digital transformation easier and in many cases possible, if it’s not strategically planned, cloud can be difficult to control.


Our DevOps-led approach enables you to quickly understand the extent of your cloud estate, whilst implementing a set of controls, patterns and governance to effectively manage it.

Bringing back control

Regular assessment of the health of your cloud estate is vital to realign IT and wider business priorities.


Cloud control is a key part of this and will enable a complete view of your cloud estate – from billing and utilisation, through to failure recovery and business continuity.


What we offer

Cloud Assessment (2-4 weeks)

This is an impartial, in-depth assessment of your cloud estate which will inform cloud strategy and optimisation.

Cloud Strategy (4-6 weeks)

The Cloud Strategy builds upon and includes the Cloud Assessment and is the process of creating a roadmap of practical DevOps-led changes to bring back order to your cloud estates.


Cloud Optimisation (2 months+)

Cloud Optimisation draws upon the expertise of our DevOps-led team of specialists to execute the Cloud Strategy – either as a whole or on a prioritised basis based on the Cloud Assessment.

Our Thoughts


No matter under what definition you view DevOps, you will always see automation as a key component – from CI/CD to the deployment of infrastructure and networking.


Automation and the elimination of manual steps will greatly improve the speed, reliability and consistency of operation and development process.


DevOps automation is a process of continuous monitoring and improvement. When a new bottleneck is found it needs to be evaluated to determine how best it should be eliminated or mitigated.


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BBC News Online is facing growing competition from other news providers and needed to move its processes to the cloud in order to become more agile and to cut costs. To do this 6point6 created a unique Software Factory to standardise and automate application deployments.

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