Client Stories

The Telegraph Media Group

6point6 helped TMG with strategic and technical leadership for implementation of the company’s digital subscriptions strategy by content management migration and creation of a core API platform.

TMG’s main aim was to re-platform its CMS to facilitate increased production of high quality content to stimulate advertising and subscription revenue. In addition, the new platform was to be an enabler for the rapid development of new and innovative digital products and services, such as the TMG Travel, Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles.

6point6 contributed in a number of ways:

  • Establishing predictable development team velocity by leveraging agile at scale
  • Enabling delivery of quality combined with speed by creating a reliable, performant and trusted Continuous Integration and Delivery framework
  • Providing specialist expertise to overcome significant and potentially destabilising performance challenges
  • Providing strategic and technical leadership of the TMG Travel strategic ecommerce initiative
  • Creating new technologies to distribute TMG’s content to the emerging 3rd Party News Platform sector, notably Apple, Google and Facebook
  • Enabling the future of TMG’s digital subscriptions strategy.