Client Stories

Open Borders Direct

Digital collaboration: from business plan to realisation

“Having a true expert by your side at the planning stage is critical but a partner’s real worth is tested when it comes to execution.  6point6 has blasted through with flying colours.” Mark Heath, Founder.

The challenge

UK businesses are responsible for trading over £800bn worth of goods globally each year, yet many do not have access to the key information and products necessary to enable them to trade internationally with ease, speed and safety. The need for de-risking international trade has never been higher as complexities have multiplied as a result of COVID-19 and as the UK gets closer to facing the uncertainties of post-Brexit trade deals.

Entrepreneur Mark Heath recognised these challenges and developed a business plan to create a digital platform with the power to transform the international trading experience for UK businesses.

Known as Open Borders Direct (OBD), he chose to collaborate with 6point6 to turn his plan into a digital reality.

From collaboration to innovation

Working alongside Mark to understand his proposition and business plan, we carried out an in-depth digital discovery, the results of which were validated with user research with UK businesses.

Using this insight, we created the vision for a new, innovative digital service to solve the challenges faced by UK businesses when trading internationally.

“6point6 make it their business to understand your business idea – from the challenges and the vision, to the customer pain points and customer experience.” Mark Heath, Founder.

Working to a realistic delivery plan, we designed and developed a clickable prototype which focused on solving the challenges identified during the research process.

Results that matter

From digital discovery to designing the minimum viable product, we combined digital insight with best in class technical partners as follows:

  • Researched end user needs
  • Designed a digital solution to meet them
  • Deployed a realistic delivery plan
  • Identified the best technology fit
  • Designed and built a programmed prototype
  • Ensured the platform is secure by design
  • Deployed best practice to ensure continuous integration and delivery
  • Democratised the way UK businesses trade internationally
  • Empowered Mark Heath, our client, to demonstrate the value of the proposition to key stakeholders and potential investors

Check out this video for the amazing results of this Digital Discovery by engaging with 6point6.