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Big Data

Big Data has swept through both consumer-facing and traditional businesses as organisations look to data analytics as a way to differentiate and stay competitive.

If Big Data is truly a revolution, how do businesses build successful strategies to exploit this enormous potential? Will all adopters win in today’s digital age?

Success will hinge on the ability to analyse and manipulate increasingly vast data assets. The ability to recognise 'trends', identify new investment opportunities and deliver intelligence that can assist in the recognition of fraudulent transactions will all be paramount in a world that’s increasingly reliant upon internet services.

Our Consultants enable our clients to stay one step ahead. Whether identifying exciting new insight or exposing transactional anomalies, our people can help.

Strategy and Advisory

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses as data volumes and sources continue to grow is to ensure that the capabilities necessary to support a Big Data strategy are understood and articulated to senior stakeholders.

We can help throughout the entire process of defining your Big Data strategy, from assessing your current environment, and document the impact on it from Big Data. Our Big Data experts will help you to understand the level of data quality, governance, and security maturity within your organisation; review your Infrastructure and cloud capabilities; and provide prioritised roadmaps to address your Big Data challenges.

We will help to define a comprehensive solution focused on your prioritised business initiatives. These solutions are tailored to your unique organisational and technical requirements.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Understanding your data and turning it into insight and intelligence enables your business to make informed split second strategy decisions, spur innovation, inspire new products, enhance customer relationships, uncover fraud, bolster operations and build competitive advantage.

We apply business intelligence with this in mind – focusing on real business challenges and developing practical solutions that give our clients the insight they need to do better business. We help to select, optimise and deploy an array of custom as well as pre-built analytics and reporting tools to help you understand your customers, competitors, operations, and market opportunities. These solutions are tailored to your unique organisational and technical requirements.

Data Management

To ensure that the investment in Big Data delivers business value, it’s essential that organisations prioritise Data Management as part of its overall Big Data strategy. The need to access accurate, up to date and governed data is necessary to ensure you stay one step ahead of your competition.

We are helping our clients understand that Data management involves much more than just technology. We take a holistic approach to data management, bringing together people, business processes and technological innovation. Bringing these elements together in a properly organised and effective data management initiative ensures that our clients can realise significant benefits including lower operating costs, better risk management and fewer and less costly errors.