Artificial Intelligence: Hype vs Reality

In partnership with YouGov, we commissioned a short survey of over 1,000 senior decision makers, including owners, partners, chairpersons and non-executive directors, working across the public and private sectors.

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Our steps to accelerating adoption of AI in the enterprise

The barriers to AI adoption have been found to be three-fold. Firstly, there is a lack of coherent strategy surrounding AI deployments; characterised by a lack of knowledge on where to implement AI and a lack of consideration about how to best accelerate AI projects.


Secondly, a significant number of organisations do not have a dedicated person or team driving AI adoption. Not only does this make it difficult to see the tangible results of AI projects, it also leads to the third major barrier which is a lack of AI projects being deployed in organisations at all.


On a positive note, the study has highlighted the best approaches from a senior executive perspective; throwing light on those organisations who are leading the way in AI deployment and the strategies they are employing which have led to tangible returns on investment.


With this study, we aimed to demystify the hype surrounding scaling AI in the Enterprise. We hope you find the unique insights in the report useful and can use the data to help further your understanding and implement successful AI deployments across your organisation.


of organisations have deployed any AI projects in the past five years


of senior executives are unaware of the maturity level of AI or Machine Learning in their company


had fewer than 10 people dedicated to AI development in entire business


of organisations have a dedicated role for integrating emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning into their business


of the organisations that have deployed AI in the last two to five years have a clear view of the tangible benefits these projects have brought the business

two in five

of the executives cited the inability to find available talent in data science as a key barrier to implementing AI programmes within their organisation

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